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Think Tank 2: Consideration
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: GDES 2B03 Think Tank 1: Awareness or GDES 2B03 Think Tank/Creative Intersections
and 9.0 credits, including all first-year requirements (5.0 credits)
Building on Think Tank 1: Awareness, this studio seminar course examines the role of the designer as a powerful and potent contributor to the well-being and positive improvement of the planet. Topics specific to current cultural, technological, political, social, economic and systems of communication will be selected by teams of students early in this course. Through the examination of systems ranging from the ‘grid’ to wayfinding, students will be immersed in a culture of research and debate leading to strategies for innovation and change and culminating in the development of achievable solutions to their selected projects.
Notes: All Think Tank courses are intended to augment and inform the core studio classes from each of the six design disciplines and to introduce students from the Faculty of Art to the Faculty of Design’s underlying philosophy.
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