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Writing/Documentation for Advertising
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: 14.0 credits, including all first-year and second- year requirement (10.0 credits)
Corequisite: ADVR 4C04 Advertising Thesis Project 2
Specifically for those completing their Advertising Thesis Project, this course instructs students in fully documenting their proposals and campaigns by developing treatments, presentations, overviews and executive summaries. Writing skills for a detailed presentation summary and executive documents prepare students to put their creative presentations into cogent, complete and compelling print documents and books that translate complex or abstract ideas into a logical and easily understood form. In this course, students learn to collect, edit, sort and organize their creative solutions into an elegant and highly communicative form.
Anti-requisite: ADVR 4A01 Writing/Documentation for Advertising
Conditions: Should a student be unsuccessful in attaining a 60% average in ADVR 4C04, they will be required, regardless of their mark in ADVR 4C03, to repeat the fall component of Thesis, ADVR 4C03, as well as the winter component of Thesis, ADVR 4C04, and its companion course ADVR 4B09 Writing/Documentation for Advertising.
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