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Liberal Arts & Sciences courses 
Global Visual and Material Culture: Prehistory to 1800 
Global Visual and Material Culture: 1800 to the Present 
Choose ONE of the following  three writing courses:
  LBST 1B11 The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics
LBST 1B12  
The Essay and the Argument: ESL
  LBST 1B13
The Essay and the Argument: Rhetoric
Studio courses
GART 1B01 Drawing                                            
Colour Exploration *                           
Form and Structure                              
Time-Based Media                            
Select ONE the following Time-Based Media (TBM):
i) TBM accents multi-disciplinary, select from the following:
Fall: sections 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 & 6      
(section 6 is now multi-disciplinary UPDATED: 2012, August 22 )
Winter: 1, 2, 3 & 4
ii) TBM accents animation, select from the following:
Fall: sections 7 & 11                        
(section 11 is new section of animation UPDATED: 2012 August 22)
Winter: sections 5 & 6  
iii) TBM accents electronics, select from the following:
Fall: sections 8 & 9
Winter: sections 7 & 8
iv) TBM accents video, select from the following:
Fall: sections 10
Winter: sections 9 & 10
Choose ONE of the following CORE FOCUS courses
  GART 1B02
Drawing 2
  PHOT 2B03
Introduction to Photography: Black & White
  INTM 2B11
Animation: Origins & Techniques
  INTM 2B29
Video for Artists I
  FABR 2B03
Introduction to Fabrication: Mouldmaking
  FABR 2B04
Introduction to Fabrication: Plastics
Choose TWO of the following ELECTIVE courses:
Digital Practices, for those less familiar with digital tools, develops skills while considering how artists respond to and create the very structures by which the digital is presented.
  GART 1B03
Introduction to Digital Practices: Globalization
  GART 1B10
Introduction to Digital Practices: Body & Technology
The creative process unfolds through research, discovery, and production that combine and form the basis of an art practice.
  GART 1B20
Creative Process: Sculpture and Installation
  GART 1B21
Creative Process: Painting
  GART 1B23
Creative Process: Printmaking
  GART 1B24
Creative Process: Wearable Art
  GART 1B30
Creative Process: Digital Printmaking
  GART 1B31
Creative Process: Material Art & Design
  GART 1B70
Creative Process: Art & Code
  GART 1B72
Creative Process: Paper Cut-Outs & 3D Pop-Ups
Narrative is key to contemporary visual practice as the unfolding of stories, the exploration of events, histories, ideas, and memories.
  GART 1B40
Narrative Strategies: Drawing
  GART 1B41
Narrative Strategies: Media Arts
  GART 1B43
Narrative Strategies: Contemporary Aboriginal Sculpture & Installation
The intersection of human activity and natural phenomena provides a zone of contention under investigation in contemporary art today.
  GART 1B50
Nature & Culture: Drawing
  GART 1B52
Nature & Culture: Curatorial Practices
  GART 1B53
Nature & Culture: Multidisciplinary Approaches
Site & Intervention challenges traditional notions of how space can have an impact on artwork by intervening on public and other spaces.
  GART 1B60
Site & Intervention: Critical Practices
  GART 1B63
Site & Intervention: Sculpture and Installation
Total Credits

* If English is not your first language, consider enrolling in English Language Pathway, a special offering attached to GDES 1B16 Colour in Context which would be considered equivalent to GART 1B04 for ESL students in First Year Art.)

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