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ON-SCREEN MEDIA (3.5 credits)

Contemporary screen media production (film, video, digital) is increasingly multimedia, crossing and recombining traditional media formats in new ways. This minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to a range of audiovisual media that supports innovation and leading edge creativity through its integral multimedia structure. It is designed as a site for interdisciplinary and transmedia discourse and production innovations that encompass film, video and digital media concerns with screen concept, sequence, narrative and storytelling.

The Interdisciplinary Minor in On-Screen Media is organized around the principle of analogue and digital on-screen relations in technological, process and theoretical terms and is structured around a set of key interdisciplinary concepts: Media History and Theory; Digital Production; Analogue to Digital Photography, Drawing and Painting; Film and Video Production; and Sound Production.

Required Course:

DIGF 3B01 Networked Communities & Environments 0.5
Choose one course from below (0.5 credit): 
VISM 2B08 Introduction to Film Studies
VISM 2B09 History of New Media Art 0.5
Choose five courses from at least four of the five defined media areas, including at least one Faculty of Art studio (DRPT, INTM, PHOT, PRNT) and at least one Faculty of Design studio (ADVR, GDES, ILLU). If you took 0.25 credit electives in the past, you must take more than five courses, for a minimum total of 2.5 elective credits. At least 1.5 credits must be completed at the 300 or 400 level.
A. Media History and Theory
VISM 3B23 Technology and Digital Culture 0.5
VISM 3B33 Canadian Cinema 0.5
VISM 3B34 Japanese Cinema (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
VISM 3B39 Latin American Cinema (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
Experimental Film and Media
Sound Politics and Media Art
VISM 4B03 Contemporary Documentary Media 0.5
VISM 4B04     Re-presenting Women: Feminist Film and Video (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
VISM 4B05     Future Cinema: Digital Narratives (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
B. Digital Production
GDES 3B07 Interactive Communication: Smart Screens 0.5
ILLU 3B13     Media Studio 2 0.5
ILLU 3B14     Media Studio 3 0.5
INTM 2B33     Computer Modelling & Animation 0.5
INTM 2B34     Hybrid Media Lab 0.5
INTM 2B14   
Compositing & Digital Animation
INTM 3B43     Post Production Media 0.5
INTM 3B44     3D: Screen to Space (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
INTM 3B50 
Critical Perspectives in Animation
INTM 4B20     Co-Lab (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
C. Analogue to Digital Photography, Drawing and Painting, Printmaking
DRPT 2B08     Camera Art: Combining Media 0.5
DRPT 2B39     Painting and Digital Imaging 1 0.5
DRPT 3C15 Painting & Digital Imaging 2 1.0
DRPT 4B05     Painting & Digital Imaging 3 0.5
DRPT 4B08     Photogenic Painting 0.5
PHOT 2B07    Introductory Photography: Digital 0.5
PHOT 3B10 Digital Imaging II 0.5
PHOT 4B09 Photography: Digital Studio 0.5
PRNT 2B21     Digital Printmaking Studio 0.5
PRNT 3B24     Contemporary Media and Digital Printmaking 0.5
PRNT 4B31     Advanced Printmaking and Digital Technologies (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
D. Film and Video Production
Graphic Narrative, Animation & Motion 0.5
INTM 2B15 Film: Frame by Frame  
INTM 2B29     Video for Artists I 0.5
INTM 2B30     Video for Artists II 0.5
E. Sound Production
INTM 2B06     Sonic Arts 0.5
INTM 3B22     Audio: Post Production 0.5
INTM 4B14     Sound Interactions 0.5
Total Credits

Courses no longer offered that were part of the minor:
TV/Time-Based Media (taken in 2009/10)
ADVR 3B03 Time Based/Transmedia Narrative (taken in 2010/11 and 2011/12)

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