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Art & Social Change 

This postgraduate certificate program guides students across disciplinary boundaries, through the broad university curriculum to a key set of courses, that examine important social movements, real-world issues and activism, with an emphasis on self-examination, critical thinking, anti-oppression politics, community building, experiential learning, field experience and pedagogical approaches. Course selections aim to respect each student’s unique experience, facilitate their emerging vision and enable professional networking opportunities. This certificate program provides our graduates with a critical companion to their major area of study, encouraging their capacities as leaders for positive social change and innovation through informed, inspired and transformative cultural engagement.

Course Code Course Title Credit

The following three courses are required:
ASOC 2B01 Art & Social Change I
ASOC 3B03 Art & Social Change II (not offered 2013/2014)
ASOC 4BXX Art & Social Change III (in development)

Choose two of the following courses (studio or studio/seminar):
ASOC 2B02 Making Gender: LGBTQ Studio 0.5
ASOC 3B01 Community Practice
ASOC 3B02 Local Global Mash-up
ASOC 4B01 Witness: History, Memory and Creative Response (not offered 2013/2014)
INVC 3B01 Bringing Visual Literacy to Indigenous Communities (Summer only)
CRCP 3B03 Talking Community
DRPT 3B11 From Landscape to the Environment
DRPT 3B24 Rethinking Abstraction from an Indigenous Perspective
INTM 3B11 Media & Social Change
SCIN 3B13 Introduction to Contemporary Indigenous Sculpture Practice
GDES 3B48 Illustrative Activism
GDES 3B64 Greening the OCAD Campus - Summer Workshop
Choose two of the following liberal studies courses:
ENGL 4B06 Dub, Spoken Word & Performance Writing
ENGL 4B08 Queer Literature (not offered 2013/2014)
HUMN 3B05 Environmental Ethics
HUMN 3B11 Sexualities and Representation: Queer & Other Theories
HUMN 3B19 Feminist Theory
SOSC 3B06 Mental Health: Science, Culture, Society
SOSC 4B02 Gender, Globalization and Social Change
SOSC 3B08 Taronton, Onitariio, Kanata
VISA 3B02 Issues in Feminism and Art
VISA 3B06  Art of the Black Diaspora
VISA 3B42 Critical Issues & Ideas in Contemporary First Nations Art
VISA 3B90 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Art in Revolution: European Art 1750-1850 (not offered 2013/2014)
VISA 4B10 The Politics of Painting: Modern Art & Revolution (not offered 2013/2014)
VISC 4B22 Art and Design Activism (not offered 2013/2014)
VISM 4B06 Global Mesh: Internet, Networks, Globalization and Digital Resistance (not offered 2013/2014)

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