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The following is a list of all courses offered through the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Not all courses are offered every year. Please consult the 2013/2014 schedule for up to date current offerings.


English/Literature/Creative Writing (ENGL) 
Course Code Course Title Credit
ENGL 2B01 Introduction to Creative Writing 0.5
ENGL 2B06 Postcolonial Literature 0.5
ENGL 2B10 Studies in British Literature 0.5
ENGL 2B11 Introduction to Literature 0.5
ENGL 2B12 Research Literacy & Advanced Writing 0.5
ENGL 3B03 Children's Literature (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
ENGL 3B04 Science and Technology in Literature 0.5
ENGL 3B06 Studies in Canadian Literature 0.5
ENGL 3B09 Creative Writing: Poetry (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
ENGL 3B10 Creative Writing: Nonfiction 0.5
ENGL 3B12 Creative Writing: Short Fiction 0.5
ENGL 3B13 Studies in American Literature 0.5
ENGL 3B21 Writings by Artists 0.5
ENGL 3B90 Special Topic in English: Caribbean Literature 0.5
ENGL 4B04 Diasporic Writings 0.5
ENGL 4B05 Digital Texts (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
ENGL 4B06 Dub, Spoken Word & Performance Writing 0.5
ENGL 4B07 Graphic Novels 0.5
ENGL 4B08 Queer Literature 0.5
ENGL 4B09 Hybrid & Experimental Writing 0.5

Humanities (HUMN) 
HUMN 2B01 Aesthetics (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 2B03 History of Medicine, Science and the Body in Western Culture (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 2B04 Introduction to Visual Theory 0.5
HUMN 2B05 Western Political Thought from Plato to the Present (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 2B16 Twentieth Century Ideas 0.5
HUMN 2B28 Nature, Culture and the Environment (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 2B29 The Culture of Science 0.5
HUMN 2B30 Introduction to Gender Studies (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 2B31 Computational History & Theory 0.5
HUMN 3B01 Reading Popular Culture 0.5
HUMN 3B02 The Romantic Rebellion in Europe (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 3B05 Environmental Ethics (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 3B06 Comparative Religions 0.5
HUMN 3B07 Ethics and the Visual Arts (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 3B08 Ethics, Advertising and Design 0.5
HUMN 3B10 Multicultural Social Ethics 0.5
HUMN 3B11 Sexualities and Representation: Queer and Other Theories 0.5
HUMN 3B12 Aesthetics of Well Being (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 3B13 STUFF: Material Culture and the Meanings of Things 0.5
HUMN 3B16 From Riel to Nationhood, A History of the Métis 0.5
HUMN 3B17 Modernism and Postmodernism 0.5
HUMN 3B19 Feminist Theory 0.5
HUMN 3B20 The Classical Tradition and its Legacies (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
HUMN 3B25 Imagining Nation: Canada's Cultural History 0.5
HUMN 3B92 Special Topic in Humanities: Extraordinary Bodies 0.5
HUMN 4B03 Existentialism and Its Culture 0.5
HUMN 4B04 Health & Wellness: Ethics & Cultural Politics (not offered 2013/2014)
HUMN 4B12 Zen Buddhism and Its Culture 0.5

Liberal Arts & Sciences First Year (LBST) 
LBST 1B04 Global Visual and Material Culture: Beginnings to 1800 0.5
LBST 1B05 Global Visual and Material Culture: 1800 to the Present 0.5
LBST 1B06 Global Visual and Material Culture: Critical Frameworks (Not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
LBST 1B11 The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics 0.5
LBST 1B12 The Essay and the Argument: ESL 0.5
LBST 1B13 The Essay and the Argument: Rhetoric (Not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
LBST 1B14 Things and Texts (Not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
LBST 1C01 LS One Part 1 (Not offered 2013/2014) 1.0
LBST 1C02 LS One Part 2 (Not offered 2013/2014) 1.0
LBST 2C01 Liberal Studies Two (Not offered 2013/2014) 1.0

Science/Technology/Mathematics (SCTM) 
SCTM 2B01 Introduction to Biology 0.5
SCTM 2B02 Human Form and Function: Introduction to Anatomy 0.5
SCTM 2B03 Astronomy: An Exploration of Scales and Structures in our Universe 0.5
SCTM 2B05 Modern Physics (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
SCTM 2B06 Introduction to Computer Science: Logic and Coding 0.5
SCTM 2B07 Introduction to Inclusive Design 0.5
SCTM 2B10 Introduction to Psychology 0.5
SCTM 2B20 Introduction to Earth Sciences (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
SCTM 2B21 The Mathematics of Art and Design (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
SCTM 2B22 Topics in the Science of Colour 0.5
SCTM 2B91 Special Topic in Science/Technology/Mathematics: What is Time? 0.5
SCTM 3B02 Thinking Statistics: Data, Meaning & Analysis 0.5
SCTM 3B03 Human Factors for Designers 0.5
SCTM 3B04 Biological Principles of Sustainability 0.5
SCTM 4B01 Genomics to Genetic Engineering (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5

Social Sciences (SOSC)
SOSC 2B01 Introduction to Social Science: People and Social Worlds 0.5
SOSC 2B06 The Basics of Doing Human-Centred Research in Art and Design 0.5
SOSC 2B95 Special Topic in Social Science: Economics Principles for Artists and Designers 0.5
SOSC 3B02 Material Culture and Consumer Society 0.5
SOSC 3B03 Sociology of the Body 0.5
SOSC 3B04 Childhood, Families and Social Change 0.5
SOSC 3B05 Social Psychology and Consumer Behaviour 0.5
SOSC 3B06 Mental Health: Science, Culture, Society (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
SOSC 3B07 (Re)Writing Culture: Reflexive Ethnography in a Globalized World 0.5
SOSC 3B08 Taronton, Onitariio, Kanata (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
SOSC 3B09 Cultural Geographies: Narrative, Landscape and Community 0.5
SOSC 4B01 Risk and Society 0.5
SOSC 4B02 Gender, Globalization and Social Change 0.5

Visual Culture - Art History and Theory (VISA) 
VISA 2B07 History of Modern Art 0.5
VISA 2B13 History of Photography 0.5
VISA 2B19 Art of Europe: The Northern Renaissance (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 2B31 History of Printing & Printmaking 0.5
VISA 2B32 Canadian Art: The Modern Era 0.5
VISA 2B33 Art of Europe: Greek to Gothic (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 2B35 Art of Europe: Renaissance to Impressionism 0.5
VISA 3B01 Issues in the Arts of Africa 0.5
VISA 3B02 Issues in Feminism and Art 0.5
VISA 3B03 Contemporary Canadian Art 0.5
VISA 3B05 Dada and Surrealism 0.5
VISA 3B06 Art of the Black Diaspora 0.5
VISA 3B07 Art of the Italian Renaissance 0.5
VISA 3B08 Art of Europe: Baroque & Rococo 0.5
VISA 3B09 Art After Modern Art: Conceptual Practices 0.5
VISA 3B13 Italian Art History I: Florence Program
VISA 3B14 Italian Art History II: Florence Program
VISA 3B15 Studies in Nineteenth Century Art: Goya to Courbet (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 3B26 Studies in 19th Century Art: Impressionism & Post-Impressionism (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 3B28 Latin American Art: An Historical Overview 0.5
VISA 3B30 Contemporary East Asian Art 0.5
VISA 3B37 The History and Theory of Art Criticism 0.5
VISA 3B42 Critical Issues & Ideas in Contemporary First Nations Art 0.5
VISA 3B43 Into the 21st Century: Photographic Practices, Theory and Criticism 0.5
VISA 3B44 South Asian Art and Culture: Vision of the Sacred (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 3B45 South Asian Art and Culture: Multiple Modernisms 0.5
VISA 3B47 Art & Fashion 0.5
VISA 3B90 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Art in Revolution: European Art 1750-1850 (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 3B91 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Islamic Art and Architecture (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 3B96 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Indigenous Cultural Politics: Gender, Art and Activism 0.5
VISA 4B01 Contemporary Latin American Art 0.5
VISA 4B02 Performance and Performativity 0.5
VISA 4B08 Post-War European Art 0.5
VISA 4B10 The Politics of Painting: Modern Art & Revolution (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 4B11 Improvisational Music and the Visual Arts in the Late 20th Century 0.5
VISA 4B12 Modern Korean Art and Society 0.5
VISA 4B17 Reading Images of Indigenous People (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 4B20 The Senses in Artistic Practice 0.5
VISA 4B21 Arts and Cultures of Asia and Oceania (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISA 4B90 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Memory and Monuments 0.5
VISA 4B91 Special Topic in Visual Culture: The Print Culture of 18th Century Europe (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5

Visual Culture - General Art and Design History and Theory (VISC) 
VISC 3B29 Methods in Visual and Critical Studies (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISC 3B90 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Visual Narratives 0.5
VISC 4B15 Urban Life: Art, Design and the City 0.5
VISC 4B22 Art and Design Activism (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISC 4C01 Honours Seminar, Part 1 (Not offered 2013/2014) 1.0
VISC 4C02 Honours Seminar, Part 2 (Not offered 2013/2014) 1.0

Visual Culture - Design History and Theory (VISD) 
VISD 2B01 History of Modern Design 0.5
VISD 2B10 History of 20th Century Architecture 0.5
VISD 2B22 History of Material Arts: Ancient Egypt to Modern Europe 0.5
VISD 2B36 History and Evolution of Typography 0.5
VISD 2B38 Contemporary Design Theories and Practices 0.5
VISD 2B39 Graphic Design History in the Twentieth Century 0.5
VISD 3B01 Architecture in Canada, Past & Present (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISD 3B21 Illustration and the Rise of Popular Culture 0.5
VISD 3B32 History of Furniture 0.5
VISD 3B35 The Writing on the Wall: Radical Graphics and the Culture of Protest 0.5
VISD 3B36 The History and Theory of Interiors: Design and Production 0.5
VISD 3B38 Advertising and the Art of Persuasion 0.5
VISD 3B41 Cross Cultural Issues in Craft 0.5
VISD 3B46 Sustainable Design Theories & Practices (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISD 3B48 Global Traditions In Design: Objects And Environments (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISD 3B49 Car Culture (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISD 4B18 Socio-Cultural Issues and the Built Environment (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISD 4B19 Contemporary Studies in Architecture and Design 0.5

Visual Culture - Media and Digital Studies (VISM) 
VISM 2B08 Introduction to Film Studies 0.5
VISM 2B09 History of New Media Art 0.5
VISM 2B15 Introduction to Games Studies 0.5
VISM 2B20 Web Theory (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 2B41 Media, Messages and the Cultural Landscape: Introduction to Communication Studies 0.5
VISM 3B01 Critical Play 0.5
VISM 3B02 Visual Analytics and Data Visualization 0.5
VISM 3B18 Television Criticism (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 3B23 Technology and Digital Culture (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 3B33 Canadian Cinema (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 3B34 Japanese Cinema (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 3B39 Latin American Cinema 0.5
VISM 4B01 Experimental Film & Media (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 4B02 Sound, Politics and Media Art (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 4B03 Contemporary Documentary Media 0.5
VISM 4B04 Re-presenting Women: Feminist Film and Video (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 4B05 Future Cinema: Digital Narratives 0.5
VISM 4B06 Global Mesh: Internet, Networks, Globalization and Digital Resistance (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 4B07 Images and Practices of Technology (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 4B24 The Body and the Machine: Interrogating the Posthuman in Art and Design 0.5
VISM 4B90 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Looking and Motion: Mobile Practices & Technology (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
VISM 4B91 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Anime: Dreams and Machines 0.5
VISM 4B92 Special Topic in Visual Culture: From the Reel to Digital Indigenous Film 0.5

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