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Bending Reclaimed Technology
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: INTM 2B24 Introduction to Electronics: Kinetic Objects
This third year studio course will focus on sustainable approaches to the creation of technological artworks. The proliferation of cheap electronic gadgets has resulted in a surplus of technological materials that have been discarded in order to make room for newer devices. Artists and designers can make use of this material in the creation of their works. This practice of reclaiming technology also has deep social implications for sustainability and can be seen as an interventionist practice that critically engages with our accepted modes of production within a global marketplace. Students will be encouraged to reclaim discarded materials and to engage with technology from a social and critical perspective. DIY practices will be examined from sources as diverse as "Make Magazine" to the artist collective "Grafitti Research Labs".
Notes: Please take special note that this course has material fees associated with it.
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