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Art of Europe: The Northern Renaissance (NOT OFFERED IN 2010-2011)
0.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
Prerequisite: 3.0 credits of first-year studio and 1.0 credit of first-year liberal studies, including the first year writing course with a minimum passing grade of 60%, and an overall average of 60%.
(NOT OFFERED IN 2010-2011)
This course deals with the signs and symbols, as well as with the sheer artistic brilliance that characterizes this period of artistic production in Northern Europe. Starting with a brief discussion of manuscriptpainting (the Limbourg Brothers), the lion's share of this course is devoted to the extraordinary genius of the great Flemish masters (Campin, van Eyck, van der Weyden, van der Goes, Memling, Bosch and Bruegel, among others). The final section of this course is given over to an examination of the unique qualities of contemporaneous painting in Germany, including such artists as Durer, Grunewald and Holbein.
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