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Studies in 19th Century Art: Impressionism & Post-Impressionism
0.50 Credit(s)
Academic Course
Prerequisite: 7.5 credits, including 1.0 credit of second-year liberal studies (including 0.5 VISC credit).
Beginning with Manet's role as mentor to the Impressionist generation, the course considers the eight Impressionist exhibitions in the 1870's and 1880's. The Academy, the Paris Salons and their rigid jury system present a stark contrast to new ways of making art and surviving as artists. The art of Degas, Cassatt, Pissarro, Morisot, Monet and Renoir is studied in depth. The four Post-Impressionist giants, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat and Cezanne, and their immense influence on twentieth century developments, provide the focus for the second part of the course.
Anti-requisite: Students who previously took VISC 2B05 or VISC 3B12 may not take this course for further credit.
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