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Graphic Design for Illustrators
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: 3.0 first year studio and 1.0 first year liberal studies credits (including the Writing course with a passing grade of 60%)
This course introduces graphic design and typography as key considerations in conjunction with illustration. Fundamental principles of graphic design are applied, as size, weight, structure and colour orientation of typography are studied for the practical use of illustrators. Appropriate and effective fusions of form and function and of typographic and illustrative styles are explored, while communications theory and design history form a context.
Anti-requisite: ILLU 2A04 Graphic Design for Illustrators
Conditions: Illustration students who are taking digital media courses MUST subscribe to the Wireless Network Fee, which includes unlimited access to Lynda.com http://lynda.com/ online tutorials for over 100 software titles. Online tutorials are the sole means of technical instruction provided by OCAD for digital media based courses.
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