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Introduction to Painting
1.00 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: Drawing & Painting Program, Direct Entry
In this full-year course students develop the foundational skills required to pursue a Major in Drawing & Painting. Students progress through a series of projects that build skill acquisition along with an exposure to a diversity of contemporary painting practices today. Working from observation, figuration, abstraction and digital processes to explore varied approaches to painting, students will investigate materiality, colour, design, historical context and concept. Along with building strong painterly skills students discover the conventions of painting to consider their cultural meanings and push at established boundaries.
Notes: This course has material fees associated with it.
Life drawing from nude models, male and female, is normally required in this course. Individual requests for accommodation based on religious grounds will be considered but accommodation cannot be guaranteed.
Conditions: DRPT 1C01 will meet for 3 hours, during the same time slot, in both the fall and winter semesters, Duration 1
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