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Meta-figure: The Body in Paint
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: One of the following – Contemporary Issues: Art Today courses, CRCP 2B01, DRPT 2B13, INTM 2B22 PHOT 2B12, PRNT 2B25 or SCIN 2B09 and 8.0 credits, including all first-year requirements (5.0 credits)
Figuration's impact on artistic practices shapes much of contemporary art. This studio seminar will examine painting's rich, coded history connected to the figure and the body in the 21st century. The course will unravel current debates and discussions related to issues of identity, race, gender, beauty, abjection, narration, politics, technology and the ephemeral. Students will grow an understanding of how and why we identify with the figure culturally, socially and physiologically. Students will make studio work, read and respond to critical texts, participate in seminar presentations, and write academic essays that respond to our current modern speculation on these issues.
Notes: Priority registration will be given to Drawing and Painting Majors.
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