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Film Exploration
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: One of the following film related courses - GART 1B08 (2D Animation) , INTM 2B02, or INTM 3B27
Exploration and manipulation of cinema's materials and processes including image capture with a range of cameras and devices, in-camera effects, hand-processing, experimentation with screening surfaces and creative options at each level of production and post-production. Students will develop concepts and approaches through individual cinematic projects, and participation in discussion of in-class screenings.
Notes: Students registered in INTM 3B35 in the 2009 Fall semester actually completed the new course INTM 3B48. Their records will be corrected accordingly.
Priority in registration is given to Integrated Media Majors. 300-level film equipment access. Material fees apply. New title: formerly: Film for Artists II.

Please take special note that this course has material fees associated with it.
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