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Jewellery: Intermediate: Structure
0.50 Credit(s)
Prerequisite: MAAD 2B28 Jewellery/Metalsmithing: Composition or MAAD 2B29 Jewellery/Metalsmithing: Fabrication 2
Jewellery often makes reference to sculpture and architecture. This course allows the intermediate student to explore this aspect of the medium's expressive potential, applying Constructivist approaches to advanced fabrication and model-making techniques. Students apply their three-dimensional design experience to the jewellery format. References to other art forms provide a departure point for exploration within the jewellery realm.
Notes: Please take special note that this course has material fees associated with it.
Conditions: Students must achieve a minimum grade of 60% in at least one of their core studio courses each semester to advance to further Material Art & Design studio courses.
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