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Digital media are reshaping contemporary art, design and critical thinking. Digital technologies are key factors in creative practices and industrial innovations. This interdisciplinary postgraduate certificate offers students in-depth instruction in leading contemporary critical theories, and art and design practices in digital media. Students will develop critical production skills to produce creative interventions in digitally mediated spaces, digital artworks, and prototypes for processes, interactions, objects, devices and environments.

The Interdisciplinary postgraduate certificate in Digital Media is structured around a set of key digital concepts: Networks (Internet and distributed experiences); Installation and Social Space (concepts of tangible and virtual social space, materials, fabrication); Mobility (mobile media and interactions); and Code (programming, electronics).

Not all courses are offered every year. Please consult the 2013/2014 schedule for up to date current offerings.

Required Course:
DIGF 3B01 Networked Communities & Environments 0.5
Choose one course from below (0.5 credit):
VISM 2B41 Media, Messages and the Cultural Landscape: Introduction to Communication Studies 0.5
VISM 2B09 History of New Media Art 0.5
VISM 2B20 Web Theory (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
ENGL 4B05 Digital Texts (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
Upon completion of the above, choose five elective courses from at least three of the four defined media areas: A. Networks, B. Installation and Social Space, C. Mobility, and D. Code. If you took 0.25 credit electives in the past, you must take more than five courses for a minimum total of 2.5 elective credits.
You must complete at least one Art studio (INTM) and at least one Design studio (ADVR, ENVR, GDES, GRPH, ILLU). At least 1.5 credits must be completed at the 300 or 400 level.
A. Networks
GDES 3B07 Interactive Communication: Smart Screens 0.5
ILLU 3B13 Media Studio 2 (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
ILLU 3B14 Media Studio 3 0.5
B. Installation and Social Space
ENVR 2B15 Research Studio/Colour & Form 0.5
GDES 3B08 Wayfinding/Information Systems 1 0.5
GDES 3B13 Compelling User Experience 1 0.5
GDES 3B38 Ambient Experience Design 0.5
GDES 3B46 Explorations in Architectural Glass 0.5
INTM 2B33 3D Modelling & Animation 0.5
INTM 4B10 Media Installations 0.5
C. Mobility
GDES 3B20 Small Object Design: Virtual To Reality 1 0.5
GDES 3B27 Interactive Communication: Clever Devices 0.5
GDES 3B53 Interactive Communication: Beyond The Screen (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
GDES 3B70 Game Design: Conceptual And Visual Approaches 0.5
GDES 3B71 Game Design: Digital Development 0.5
D. Code
INTM 2B24 Introduction to Electronics: Kinetic Objects 0.5
INTM 3B40 Advanced Electronics (not offered 2013/2014) 0.5
INTM 3B45 Bending Reclaimed Technology 0.5
Total Credits 3.5
Courses no longer offered that were part of the minor:
GDES 3B41 Play Behaviour and Game Design 1: An Introduction to Game Theory and Interactivity (taken between 2006/2007 and 2009/2010)
ADVR 4A02 Interactive Space/Alternative Media (taken between 2007/2008 and 2011/2012)
GRPH 2A06 Interaction Design Studio (taken between 2007/2008 and 2011/2012)



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