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Through a balance of technically and conceptually oriented courses, Drawing & Painting students learn to perceive, read and translate the visual world. The history of visual art and culture is contextualized within both studio production and contemporary practice. Students acquire an understanding of professional practices in theory and criticism, as they reflect on the relationship this has to the making and comprehension of art.

At the 200 level, courses in Drawing & Painting provide a material and conceptual knowledge base, moving through techniques and mediums, and developing skills from basic drawing to digital imaging. A variety of approaches to painting include mixed media and camera art. The studio/seminar course Contemporary Issues: Art Today focuses on how ideas and concepts can be applied to the creation of studio works.

At the 300 level, students develop a critical understanding of how to assess work and are encouraged to explore various research-based approaches to drawing and painting.

At the 400 level, students must choose between the Thesis and the Directed Studio option. Both options lead to a BFA in the Drawing & Painting program.

Thesis Option:
Students work with a thesis panel for a full year to research, produce and present a coherent body of work that is of a professional exhibition quality. The artistic development process offers the students an opportunity to work comprehensively on their ideas and to contextualize their artwork within historical and contemporary issues.

Third-year students who wish to take Drawing & Painting Thesis in fourth year must submit a Drawing & Painting Thesis 2014/2015 Application (PDF) form to the Faculty of Art office (Room 401, 100 McCaul) by Friday, March 14, 2014. 

Directed Studio Option:
In this option, students enroll in Advanced Studio for one term. Through this course students pursue a project structure that promotes the development of a conceptually strong, independent body of work. This course is team taught and gives access to studio space for the duration of the term. The Directed Studio Option opens up more elective choices allowing greater breadth and flexibility in how students approach their final year of study.

Drawing & Painting Program Guide

Students must fulfill all requirements listed in the major program guide the year they were admitted to OCAD U. For example, a student admitted to OCAD U in 2012 must follow the major program guide published in the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Course Calendar. However, if program requirements change, students must adhere to the new requirements for their next learning year level.

Drawing & Painting students are encouraged to take courses in Criticism & Curatorial Practice, Fabrication Studios and a range of studio electives across the Faculty of Art disciplines.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree students must complete the requirements listed below, including 5.0 liberal studies credits. See the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences for an outline of the liberal studies degree and diploma requirements.  

Associate of OCAD University (AOCAD) diploma students must complete the requirements listed below, substituting 1.0 credit Faculty of Art electives for 1.0 credit of the upper year liberal studies requirements. Diploma students admitted to OCAD U 2002 fall/winter or earlier may replace up to 1.5 of the required liberal studies credits with Faculty of Art studio/seminar courses. Liberal studies courses are listed under the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and designated course type LST in the course schedule.

Note: At the 400 level, students must choose between the thesis and the directed studio option. Students choosing the thesis option must submit a thesis application form. Visit Drawing & Painting for more information and to obtain an application form.


100 Level Requirements
Liberal Arts & Sciences courses
Fall semester:     
LBST 1B04 Global Visual and Material Culture: Beginnings to 1800 0.5
Winter semester:    
LBST 1B05 Global Visual and Material Culture: 1800 to Present 0.5
Choose one of the following three writing courses : 0.5
(Fall or winter semester)  
LBST 1B11 The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics

The Essay and the Argument: ESL

LBST 1B13 The Essay and the Argument: Rhetoric (not offered 2013/2014)
Studio courses
Full year (fall and winter semester):  
Introduction to Painting
Winter semester:    
Form and Structure
Fall or winter semester:    
Time-Based Media

Select one the following Time-Based Media (TBM):

i) TBM accents multi-disciplinary, select from the following:
Fall: sections 1, 2, 3 & 4         
Winter: 1, 2, 3 & 4

ii) TBM accents animation, select from the following:
Fall: sections 5 & 6 
Winter: sections 5 & 6

iii) TBM accents electronics, select from the following:
Fall: sections 7 & 8
Winter: sections 7 & 8

iv) TBM accents video, select from the following:
Fall: sections 9 & 10
Winter: sections 9 & 10

Choose one of the following elective courses 0.5
(Fall semester)  
Digital Practices, for those less familiar with digital tools, develops skills while considering how artists respond to and create the very structures by which the digital is presented.

Introduction to Digital Practices: Globalization

The creative process unfolds through research, discovery, and production that combine and form the basis of an art practice.

Creative Process: Digital Printmaking

Creative Process: Photography

Creative Process: 2D Animation

Creative Process: Art & Code

Creative Process: Musical Instruments as Creative Construction

Narrative is key to contemporary visual practice as the unfolding of stories, the exploration of events, histories, ideas, and memories.
  GART 1B43 Narrative Strategies: Contemporary Indigenous Sculpture and Installation  
Site & Intervention challenges traditional notions of how space can have an impact on artwork by intervening on public and other spaces. 
  GART 1B60  Site & Intervention: Critical Practices   
Total Credits

200 Level Requirements
DRPT 2B13 Contemporary Issues: Art Today 0.5
DRPT 2C03 Painting Studio 1.0
200 Level DRPT courses 1.0
200 Level Art electives 1.0
VISA 2B07 History of Modern Art 0.5
Liberal studies course 0.5
    Liberal studies course  0.5  
Total Credits 5.0


300 Level Requirements
DRPT 3C11 Intermediate Painting Studio 1.0
Choose one of the following five courses: 0.5
DRPT 3B11 From Landscape to the Environment
  DRPT 3B23 The Convincing Picture: Critical Views on Painting
  DRPT 3B24 Rethinking Abstraction from an Indigenous Perspective
  DRPT 3B25 Beyond Pictorial Conventions
  DRPT 3B26 Meta-Figure: The Body in Paint     
300 Level  DRPT Studio or DRPT STU/SEM courses  1.0
200 or 300 Level Art electives 1.5
  Liberal studies course  0.5   
Liberal studies course 0.5
Total Credits 5.0
400 Level Requirements Toward a Thesis Major
DRPT 4C01 DRPT Studio Thesis: Research 1.0
DRPT 4C03 DRPT Studio Thesis: Presentation 1.0
400 level DRPT Studio or DRPT STU/SEM courses 1.0
200, 300 or 400 Level Art electives 1.0
  Liberal studies course  0.5   

Liberal studies course

Total Credits
400 Level Requirements Toward a Directed Studio Major
  DRPT 4C11 Advanced Studio 1.0
  400 Level DRPT Studio or DRPT STU/SEM courses 2.0
  200, 300 or 400 Level Art electives 1.0
    Liberal studies course  0.5   

Liberal studies course

Total Credits


Eligibility to Graduate

Please note that students are eligible to graduate if they:
• Have fulfilled all program requirements.
•Are in good academic standing (if 2.0 or more credits taken since last academic performance review require minimum 60% average for those courses).
• Have an overall average of 60% of higher.
• Have an average of at least 65% in designated courses of their major/program (Design only).
• Have no outstanding accounts at the University.

All Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences courses are available to Faculty of Art students and a wide range of study is encouraged. 

Please visit the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences course listing for a full list of liberal studies courses.

Drawing & Painting students who are seeking liberal studies courses to deepen their disciplinary knowledge may be interested in the following (not all courses are offered every year):

HUMN 2B01 Aesthetics (not offered 2013/2014)
HUMN 2B16 Twentieth Century Ideas
SCTM 2B02 Human Form and Function: Introduction to Anatomy
VISA 3B09 Art After Modern Art: Conceptual Practices
HUMN 3B01 Reading Popular Culture
VISA 4B02 Performance and Performativity
VISA 4B10 The Politics of Painting: Modern Art & Revolution (not offered
HUMN 3B17 Modernism & Postmodernism

Students declaring a Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences or Interdisciplinary Studies minor are strongly urged to complete the full complement of studio courses for their major, including all studio electives.

* An elective may be chosen from any of the following subject areas: ASOC, BUSI, CRCP, CROS, DIGF, DRPT, FABR, INTM, MAAD (maximum 1.5 credits for program), PHOT, PRNT, SCIN.  Students wishing to take an elective in any other subject area must meet with their program Chair for approval. The proposed elective course should have relevance to the student’s studies.

**Liberal studies courses (ENGL, HUMN, SCTM, SOSC, VISA, VISC, VISD, VISM and some INVC) are listed under the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and designated course type LST in the course schedule.

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