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Students taking a postgraduate certificate in Drawing & Painting develop a range of skills in the context of ongoing dialogues with the traditions and histories of drawing, painting, and contemporary art. Students gain skills in observational drawing and painting, and digital applications to drawing and painting. They also acquire a knowledge of materials and processes needed for creative problem solving.

Course Code Course Title Credit

Choose two of the following courses:
DRPT 2B01 Painting: Observation
DRPT 2B02 Abstract Painting
DRPT 2B05 Alternative Media/Techniques
DRPT 2B07 Figurative Drawing
DRPT 3B14 Intermediate Painting Workshop (not offered 2013/2014)
200 Level DRPT courses 1.5
300 or 400 Level DRPT courses 2.0
200, 300 or 400 Level Liberal Studies* 0.5

*Liberal studies courses are listed under the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and designated course type LST in the course schedule.

**With the approval of an Associate Dean, 0.5 credit of the DRPT course elective requirements may be replaced by 0.5 credit Self-Directed Study.

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