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A minor in Expanded Animation provides an opportunity for students to explore animation across disciplines. This minor will provide opportunities for exploring media art, graphic design, drawing and critical practices as they relate to the moving image, interactivity and the virtual. The focus is on innovation, experimentation, imagination, creativity and critical thinking. The Expanded Animation minor is a collaboration of the Faculties of Art, Design and Liberal Arts & Sciences

Course Code Course Title Credit


INTM 2B11 Animation: Origins & Techniques 0.5
Choose three of the following courses: 1.5
DRPT 2B03 Drawing Workshop
DRPT 2B08 Camera Art: Combining Media
DRPT 2B39 Painting and Digital Imaging I
INTM 2B02 The Moving Image: Cinematic Form & Practice
INTM 2B07 Writing for Time-based Arts  
INTM 2B14 Compositing & Digital Animation  
INTM 2B15 The Moving Image: Frame by Frame  
INTM 2B29 The Moving Image: Documentary, Performance & Activism
INTM 2B33 3D Modeling & Animation (not offered 2013/2014)

INTM 2B34 Hybrid Media Lab
SCIN 2B19 Life Study for Sculpture I
Four of the following courses: 2.0
DRPT 3B27 Painting & Digital Imaging 2: Collaboration
DRPT 3B28 Painting & Digital Imaging 2: Production   
DRPT 4B05 Painting & Digital Imaging 3
GDES 3B07 Interactive Communication: Smart Screens
GDES 3B11 Graphic Narrative, Animation & Motion
GDES 3B27 Interactive Communication: Clever Devices
GDES 3B53 Interactive Communication: Beyond the Screen
(not offered 2013/2014)

GDES 4B09 Animated Illustration
INTM 3B42 Concept and Script Development (not offered 2013/2014)

INTM 3B43 Aesthetics of Editing
INTM 3B44 3D: Screen to Space (not offered 2013/2014)
INTM 3B48 Advanced Cinematic Exploration
INTM 3B50 Critical Perspectives in Animation
VISM 2B09 History of New Media Art 0.5
One of the following courses: 0.5
VISM 2B08 Introduction to Film Studies
VISM 4B05 Future Cinema: Digital Narratives

With the approval of an Associate Dean, 0.5 credit of option studio courses can be substituted with a 0.5 self-directed study.

Please refer to further information on minors.

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