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For the Drawing & Painting major, OCAD University provides a student-centered learning environment where in first year a common base of art theory, studio skills and processes are acquired with an emphasis on concept development and creative investigation.
The studio curriculum for students entering the Drawing & Painting program consists of FOUR required studio courses (including Introduction to Painting, Drawing, Form and Structure, Time-Based Media), and ONE elective.
While the required studio courses ground students’ knowledge and introduce them to the discipline of drawing and painting studio practice, the elective course provides an opportunity to explore alternative studio practices and begin to examine current issues in contemporary art. To cultivate lateral creative thinking, students are encouraged to investigate media areas that they are unfamiliar with.
Liberal Arts & Sciences courses form an integral part of a student's studies. All incoming first-year students are required to complete VISC 1B02 Global Visual and Material Culture: Prehistory to 1800 and VISC 1B07 Global Visual and Material Culture: 1800 to the Present, and one of The Essay and The Argument courses: either ENGL 1B04 The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics or ENGL 1B05 The Essay and the Argument: ESL. The VISC courses consist of two-hour lectures and one-hour tutorials.


Students may register for second-year courses when they have completed 3.0 credits of first-year studio and 1.0 credits of first-year liberal studies courses. The 1.0 credits of liberal studies must include The Essay and the Argument, either ENGL 1B04 The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics or ENGL 1B05 The Essay and the Argument: ESL. Students must achieve a minimum passing grade of 60% for The Essay and the Argument course. 

Students may not register for third-year level courses unless they have completed most of second year as well as all of their first-year requirements. Further information can be found in the Academic Progression Policy Policy 1030. For students admitted prior to 2008 please refer to Policy 1029.

Art students in good academic standing will have earned an average of 60% or higher after attempting 2.0 or more credits in an academic year. Students who attempt 2.0 or more credits in an academic year and earn an average below 60% will be placed on probation during their next academic year. For a full explanation of Academic Standing refer to the link under Student Policies. 


Important information from your Faculty, the Director of First Year Art, the Program Assistant for First Year Art, and other staff from the university will be sent to your student email. As a First Year student it is important to make checking your student email part of your daily routine. 


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