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Furniture as tool, furniture as icon

A minor in Furniture Design will focus on the cultural, physical and psychological relationships between ourselves and furniture through conceptual engagement, material investigation and academic contextualization. The design courses will be production oriented, with a strong emphasis on hands-on experimentation.

This minor will be based around three core furniture design studios, running sequentially:

GDES 3B15 Furniture 1 will deal with the conceptual, expressive and iconic element of furniture.

GDES 3B25 Furniture 2 builds on Furniture 1 and introduces elements of production and utility.

GDES 4B11 Furniture 3 is a self-directed project based studio with an emphasis on the student led final outcome.

This minor will provide students with a cultural, conceptual and practical understanding of furniture, allowing the student to focus and specialize in project work that will support their major either through providing relevant depth of knowledge, or to provide breadth, context and an augmentation of a Design or Art major.

Students must take one of the following: 0.5
ENVR 1B04 Materials and Methods  
FABR 2B05 Introduction to Fabrication: Wood  
INDS 2B18 Material Explorations 3 (1 & 2 are prerequisites)  
Condition: If one of these courses is required for a student's major, it cannot also count towards the minor. In this case, the student will be required to substitute an extra 0.5 credit expansion studio.  
The following five courses are required: 2.5
GDEX 3B04 Furniture Construction Methodologies  
GDES 3B15 Furniture Design 1
GDES 3B25 Furniture Design 2
GDES 4B11 Furniture Design 3
VISD 3B32 History of Furniture (LST)

Total 3.0

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