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A postgraduate certificate in Illustration provides a general introduction to Illustration, and is intended for students with intermediate to advanced drawing competencies from the following major programs: Advertising, Graphic Design, Drawing & Painting, Printmaking. Students from alternate programs require the permission of the Illustration Chair and should contact the Program Assistant, Sandra Barnes at sbarnes@ocadu.ca to arrange an appointment.

The following courses are required (please pay attention to prerequisites):
ILLU 2B04 Illustration 1 0.5
ILLU 2B12 Observational Drawing and Painting 2 (plus attached workshop) 0.5
ILLU 2B10 Illustration 2 0.5
ILLU 2B09 Illustrative Drawing and Painting 1 0.5
ILLU 3B11 Illustration 3 0.5
VISD 3B21 Illustration and the Rise of Popular Culture (LST) 0.5

Total 3.0



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