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In Integrated Media, we encourage an interdisciplinary exploration of media practices. Students are asked to question how they position themselves in the world in relation to technology. We examine the role that technology plays in our culture and emphasize the need for critical engagement. Students focus and gain technical skills within different media streams: the moving image, electronics, performance, sound and media installation. Animation courses are offered, working closely with the Digital Painting & Expanded Animation Area of Specialization. Integrated Media required courses at each year level are interdisciplinary studios that bring students together for research, discussion and exhibition. Students graduate from Integrated Media as independent thinkers and practitioners. Our graduates have gone on to careers as media artists, curators and theorists, practitioners in the film and television industries, as well as to graduate schools and international and local residency programs.

At the 400 level, students must choose between thesis and directed studio options. Both options lead to a BFA in Integrated Media.

Thesis Option:
Students work with a thesis panel to research, produce and present a coherent body of work that is of professional exhibition quality. Research and presentation development processes offer students an opportunity to work comprehensively on their skills in new media arts. In a supporting text, students are required to contextualize their artworks with reference to historical and contemporary issues. Enrollment in the thesis stream will be limited; please register early.

Directed Studio Option:
In the directed studio option, students pursue multiple projects and refine their technical skills and conceptual understanding of new media art in the context of assigned and elective course work, as outlined in the program guide. This option allows students breadth and flexibility in how they approach the final year of their studies.  

Equipment and Facilities Access:
Students have access to equipment and facilities for specified production courses only. Access is limited to the duration of a student’s enrollment in that course and is subject to the rules and regulations as outlined in the Integrated Media Policies Handbook. INTM Thesis students have access to equipment and facilities based on prior levels of learning and/or concurrent enrollment. Materials fees apply to certain Integrated Media courses.

Integrated Media Program Guide

Students must fulfill all requirements listed in the major program guide published in the year they were admitted to OCAD U. For example, a student admitted to OCAD U in 2012 must follow the major program guide published in the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Course Calendar.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree students must complete the requirements listed below, including 5.0 liberal studies credits.  See Liberal Arts & Sciences for an outline of the liberal studies degree requirements.

NOTE: At the 400 level, students must choose between the thesis and the directed studio options. Both thesis and directed studio options lead to a BFA in Integrated Media. Click on the 'Program Information' drop-down link above for more information.

Laptop Program:
Integrated Media is part of the Laptop Program. Students are required to have a laptop as well as their own external hard drives in order to transfer and store their digital media. We recommend the purchase of Apple MacBook Pro computers. Students are required to pay the associated fees for software and support. Please see the Laptop Program guide for Integrated Media and information on Laptop Program fees.

Students who have declared a minor may use undesignated liberal studies distribution courses and up to 2.0 credits of Art elective courses to fulfill minor course requirements and major course requirements at the same time.


200 Level Requirements

INTM 2B22 Contemporary Issues: Art Today 0.5
INTM 2B34 
Hybrid Media Lab * 0.5
Choose four of the following:  2.0  
INTM 2B02 The Moving Image: Cinematic Form & Practice *

INTM 2B03 Body as Material: Performance by Artists     
INTM 2B05   Mechanics for Artists     
INTM 2B06   Sonic Arts     
INTM 2B07 Writing for Time-based Arts    
INTM 2B11  Animation: Origin & Techniques      
INTM 2B14  Compositing & Digital Animation     
INTM 2B24  Introduction to Electronics: Kinetic Objects      
INTM 2B29  The Moving Image: Documentary & Non-Fiction *
INTM 2B30  Workflow & Production      
200 Level Art elective
VISM 2B09 History of New Media Art 0.5

Liberal studies course 0.5
  Liberal studies course 0.5  
Total Credits 5.0

300 Level Requirements
INTM 3B39 Media Research Projects 0.5
INTM 3B49 Integrated Media Studio: Practice & Critique 0.5
Choose four of the following:   2.0  
INTM 3B02 
Intermediate Production
INTM 3B09  Publications: Editorial
INTM 3B12 Advanced Compositing    
INTM 3B15  Media Networks Studio     
INTM 3B17  Publications: Dissemination     
INTM 3B28 
Performance Studio: Presence and Telepresence
INTM 3B43  Aesthetics of Editing     
Installation: Screen to Space
INTM 3B50  Advanced Animation Studio & Critique
200 or 300 Level Art electives 1.0

Liberal studies course 0.5
  Liberal studies course  0.5   
Total Credits 5.0
Recommended elective:
CROS 3B01 Professional Practice
400 Level Requirements Toward a Thesis Major
INTM 4C01 INTM Studio Thesis: Research 1.0
INTM 4C02 INTM Studio Thesis: Presentation 1.0
400 Level INTM courses  1.0
200, 300 or 400 Level Art electives 1.0

Liberal studies course 0.5
  Liberal studies course  0.5   
Total Credits

 400 Level Requirements Toward a Directed Studio Major
Required Courses:           
INTM 4B25 Managing Production (Fall Semester)  0.5
INTM 4B16 Art, Science & Nature (Winter Semester)  0.5
Choose two of the following:   1.0
INTM 4B10 Media Installation  
INTM 4B14 Sound Interactions  
INTM 4B21 Documentary Media  
INTM 4B22 Narrative Practices  
Advanced Cinematic Production    
Directing Independent Productions    
400 Level INTM courses  1.0
200, 300 or 400 Level Art electives  1.0

Liberal studies course  0.5
  Liberal studies course   0.5  
Total Credits


* Students enrolled in INTM 2B34 Hybrid Media Lab and INTM 2B02 The Moving Image: Cinematic Form & Practice and INTM 2B29 The Moving Image: Documentary & Non-Fiction must register for the corresponding labs that are linked to those courses.

Eligibility to Graduate

Please note that students are eligible to graduate if they:
• Have fulfilled all program requirements.
• Are in good academic standing (if 2.0 or more credits taken since last academic performance review require minimum 60% average for those courses).
• Have an overall average of 60% or higher.
• Have an average of at least 65% in designated courses of their major/program (Design only).
• Have no outstanding accounts at the university.

Liberal Arts & Sciences liberal studies courses are available to Art students and a wide range of study is encouraged. Please visit Liberal Arts & Sciences course listings for a full selection of liberal studies courses. Integrated Media students who are seeking liberal studies courses to deepen their disciplinary knowledge may be interested in the following:

VISA 2B07  History of Modern Art  
VISM 2B08  Introduction to Film Studies  
VISM 3B18 Television Criticism (not offered 2014/2015)  
VISM 3B23 Technology and Digital Culture (not offered 2014/2015)  
VISA 4B02  Performance and Performativity  
VISM 2B41 Media, Message and the Cultural Landscape: Introduction to Communication Studies  
VISM 4B03 Contemporary Documentary Media  
VISM 4B05 Future Cinema: Digital Narratives   
VISM 4B06 Global Mesh: Internet, Networks, Globalization and Digital Resistance
VISM 4B07 Images and Practices of Technology (not offered 2014/2015)  

Integrated Media Majors interested in object-making or installation practices should consider Art electives in the Sculpture/Installation program, including the following:

SCIN 2B01  Intermedia Studio: Body & Object
SCIN 2B14   Intermedia Studio: Site & Time  
SCIN 2B07  Sculpture: Language of Materials
SCIN 3B04  Sculpture Studio: How Objects Work
SCIN 3B08   Intermedia Studio: Problems in Visual Language I
SCIN 3B15  The Immaterial & Material


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