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Liberal Arts & Sciences minors provide students with opportunities to take on an additional area of study that focuses on specific academic disciplines. Courses are meant to supplement, broaden, and add depth to a student's academic experience, and compliment studio based Design and Art programs. By taking a Liberal Arts & Sciences minor, students further develop critical, analytical and writing skills, which better prepare them for graduate studies and future professional art and design career challenges.

Liberal Arts & Sciences minors include:

Art History
Creative Writing
Digital & Media Studies
Social Sciences 

Please note: students planning to apply to Bachelor of Education (BEd) programs at the intermediate/senior level will require a second teachable subject to augment their first teachable in Visual Arts. A ‘minor’ program usually includes courses students need to fulfill most requirements for a second teachable subject. However, the number of courses required for a second teachable varies from institution to institution. Students are strongly advised to check with specific institutions before applying to a BEd programs.


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