Registration FAQs

1. When can I register for courses?

OCAD University staggers registration. Your registration period depends on the number of credits you currently have.

Please check the student bulletin board for the registration schedule.

2. What is my Student Pin?

If it is your first time logging onto the Student Information System your student pin will be your birth date. Please use the following format: YYMMDD.

Once you sign in using your birth date as your student pin, you will be prompted to create a new pin. Always make sure to use UPPERCASE when signing in and creating a new pin. Your new pin cannot be your birth date or begin with a zero. 

Remember that your pin number provides access to all your personal student information. It is essential to keep it private.

3. What should I do if I can’t remember my pin?

If you have logged on, changed your pin number and cannot remember your new pin, please send an email to Be sure to send the email from your student email account. Do NOT send from your personal email account. In your email include your full name, student number, your program name and your date of birth.

We will inform you once your pin has been reset.

4. How do I know which courses to take?

Our program guides provide course lists and indicate required and recommended courses. When registering for your fall/winter courses make sure to consult your specific program guide.

Program guides are located in the 2014/2015 Fall/Winter Course Calendar

5. When I try to register for a course, the system tells me I can’t. What should I do?

Please refer to the message that appears in RED at the top of your screen. This message will inform you about how to resolve the issue.

6. When I copy and paste a course code from the program guide, the course does not register in your system. Does this mean it is not offered?

Try again, and do not copy and paste. Type in the course code and make sure to omit any spaces.

7. I am in first year and registering for an LBST course. Some tutorials do not list days and times. What does that mean?

A limited number of LBST tutorials are being offered online. If a tutorial lists a series of zeros for days and times, it means it is being offered online.

8. Why are some LBST tutorials two hours long and others one hour long?

Tutorial courses that have two hour class times are for students that have signed up for the English Language Pathways program. If you are not in the Pathways program, please make sure to register for a one hour tutorial.

9. How and when can I make tuition payments?

Payment information can be found online under the Financial Matters heading on the Students page.

10. When I try to register the system tells me I’m missing documents. What does this mean?

Please contact the Admission & Recruitment Office.

11. What if I’ve moved and need to change my address?

Once you’ve logged on to My Records, you will be able to change your personal contact information.

Address change forms are also available at the Office of the Registrar. You are always welcome to come in and fill out a form.

12. What are liberal studies courses?

For more information, please visit Academic Advising - What are liberal studies courses?

13. What are Design expansion studio courses?

For more information, please visit Academic Advising - What are Faculty of Design expansion studios?

14. What are Art electives?

For more information, please visit Academic Advising - What are Art electives?


The OCAD U registration guides provide additional registration information, including how to register, add, and withdraw from courses.

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