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Course Code: DRPT Year Level: 200
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# Course Code Title
001 DRPT 2B01 Painting: Observation
002 DRPT 2B02 Abstract Painting
003 DRPT 2B03 Drawing Workshop
004 DRPT 2B05 Alternative Media /Techniques (DRPT)
005 DRPT 2B06 Colour & Structure
006 DRPT 2B07 Figurative Drawing
007 DRPT 2B08 Camera Art: Combining Media
008 DRPT 2B09 Issues of Representation
009 DRPT 2B13 Contemporary Issues: Art Today (DRPT)
010 DRPT 2B19 Figurative Painting
011 DRPT 2B24 Materials and Processes(DRPT)
012 DRPT 2B31 Metaphor, Image and Process
013 DRPT 2B35 Watercolour
014 DRPT 2B38 Anatomy for Artists
015 DRPT 2B39 Painting & Digital Imaging 1