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# Course Code Title
001 INTM 2B02 The Moving Image: Cinematic Form & Practice
002 INTM 2B03 Body as Material: Performance by Artists
003 INTM 2B05 Mechanics for Artists
004 INTM 2B06 Sonic Arts
005 INTM 2B07 Writing for Time-Based Arts
006 INTM 2B11 Animation: Origins & Techniques
007 INTM 2B14 Compositing & Digital Animation
008 INTM 2B15 The Moving Image: Frame by Frame - NOT OFFERED 2014-15
009 INTM 2B21 Online Art & Website Creation - NOT OFFERED 2014-15
010 INTM 2B22 Contemporary Issues: Art Today (INTM)
011 INTM 2B24 Introduction to Electronics: Kinetic Objects
012 INTM 2B25 Electronics Studio: Kinetic Interactions NOT OFFERED 2014-15
013 INTM 2B29 The Moving Image: Documentary & Non-Fiction
014 INTM 2B30 Workflow & Production
015 INTM 2B31 Introduction to Digital Media NOT OFFERED 2014-15