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“Sculpture is the silent key to the world we encounter every second of every day. You might say that what is not painting, or printmaking, performance or video, what is not photography or film or cyberspace may be sculpture. You might be right. But you may just as easily be wrong.”

              — Ian Carr-Harris, artist and OCAD University faculty member

Sculpture has always been the projected imagining of ourselves in space and time. In our contemporary context, sculpture is no longer defined as pure form but as the installation of forms and signs in relation to one another.

The paradoxical nature of contemporary sculpture poses intriguing difficulties in knowing how to use it to represent our experience in the world, yet it may be for this very reason that it has become the dominant practice, internationally, over the course of the last several decades. The Sculpture/Installation program at OCAD University takes this paradox as the basis for instruction, and graduating students are consequently well placed to contribute to that practice. Our students’ success in entering post-graduate programs in Canada and abroad, as well as their ability to succeed as exhibiting professionals, is proof of the fundamental strength of the program.

Sculpture/Installation Program Guide

Students must fulfill all requirements listed in the major program guide published in the year they were admitted to OCAD U. For example, a student admitted to OCAD U in 2012 must follow the major program guide published in the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Course Calendar.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree students must complete the requirements listed below for their program, including 5.0 liberal studies credits. 

Associate of OCAD University (AOCAD) diploma students must complete the requirements listed below, substituting 1.0 credit Art electives for 1.0 credit of the upper-year liberal studies requirements. Diploma students admitted to OCAD U 2002 fall/winter or earlier may replace up to 1.5 of the required liberal studies credits with  Art studio/seminar courses. Liberal studies courses are listed under Liberal Arts & Sciences and designated by course type LST in the course schedule.

See the Liberal Arts & Sciences for an outline of the liberal studies degree requirements.

Students who have declared a minor may use undesignated liberal studies distribution courses and up to 2.0 credits of Art elective courses to fulfill minor course requirements and major course requirements at the same time. 

200 Level Requirements
SCIN 2B01 Intermedia Studio: Body and Object
SCIN 2B09 Contemporary Issues: Art Today
SCIN 2B14 Intermedia Studio: Site and Time
200 Level SCIN course

200 Level Art electives

Liberal studies course
  Liberal studies course    0.5   
  Liberal studies course   0.5  
Total Credits

Recommended Electives:
FABR 2B01 Introduction to Fabrication: Bronze Casting & Digital Process
FABR 2B02 Introduction to Fabrication: Metal
FABR 2B03 Introduction to Fabrication: Mouldmaking
FABR 2B04 Introduction to Fabrication: Plastics
FABR 2B05 Introduction to Fabrication: Wood
INTM 2B03     Body as Material: Performance by Artists
INTM 2B06 Sonic Arts
INTM 2B24 Introduction to Electronics: Kinetic Objects
CROS 2B02 Introduction to Cross-Disciplinary Studio
PHOT 2B03 Introductory Photography: Black & White
SCIN 2B02 Nature, Transformation & Change
SCIN 2B03 Shaping Ideas
SCIN 2B04  DataSpace: Exploring Data Objects 
SCIN 2B07 Sculpture: Language of Materials
SCIN 2B19 Life Study for Sculpture I
SCIN 2B20 Life Study for Sculpture II (not offered 2014-15)
300 Level Requirements
SCIN 3B01 Issues in the History of Sculpture
Intermedia Studio: Problems in Visual Language I
Intermedia Studio: Problems in Visual Language II
300 Level  SCIN course
200 or 300 Level
Art electives

Liberal studies course
  Liberal studies course   0.5  
Total Credits

ASOC 3B05 Talking Community
Professional Practice
INTM 3B44      Installation: Screen to Space
SCIN 3B04 Sculpture Studio: How Objects Work
SCIN 3B13 Introduction To Contemporary Indigenous Sculpture Practice
SCIN 3B14 Life Study for Sculpture III (not offered 2014-15)
SCIN 3B15  The Immaterial & Material 
200 and 300 Level Fabrication Studio courses
400 Level Requirements
SCIN 4C01 SCIN Studio Thesis: Research
SCIN 4C02 SCIN Studio Thesis: Presentation

400 Level SCIN Courses
200, 300 or 400 Level Art electives

Liberal studies course
  Liberal studies course    0.5   
Total Credits




Eligibility to Graduate

Please note that students are eligible to graduate if they:
• Have fulfilled all program requirements.
• Are in good academic standing (if 2.0 or more credits taken since last academic performance review require minimum 60% average for those courses).
• Have an overall average of 60% or higher.
• Have an average of at least 65% in designated courses of their major/program (Design only).
• Have no outstanding accounts at the university.

Liberal Arts & Sciences courses are available to Art students and a wide range of study is encouraged. Please visit Liberal Arts & Sciences course listings for a full selection of liberal studies courses. Sculpture/Installation students who are seeking liberal studies courses to deepen their disciplinary knowledge - may be interested in the following:

VISA2B07  History of Modern Art
SCTM2B02   Human Form and Function: Introduction to Anatomy
VISA 3B09 Art After Modern Art: Conceptual Practices
VISA 4B02 Performance and Performativity
HUMN 3B13 STUFF: Material Culture and the Meaning of Things
HUMN 3B17 Modernism and Postmodernism

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