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Visual Culture Course Code Changes

Priority Registration

Requests for Permission to Enter Full Courses

Visual Culture Course Code Changes

Effective September 2011, the large group of courses previously coded VISC (Visual Culture) were separated into four sub-groups:

VISA – Art history and theory
VISD – Design history and theory
VISM – Media history and theory, including film and new media
VISC – Cross-disciplinary visual culture and theory courses

Courses taken with any of the above codes will fulfill the VISC requirements for graduation. Please check with your program guide if you have any questions.

Priority Registration

A number of Liberal Arts & Sciences courses fulfill mandatory requirements for specific programs in the Faculty of Art or Faculty of Design. For fall/winter registrations, this means that courses offered in winter will have priority registration only during the summer registration period. Be sure to check your program requirements well in advance of the registration period.  Further information, including dates, for priority enrolment can be found in the registration guide part of this calendar.

Requests for Permission to Enter Full Courses

The only way you can get into a course that is full is to receive permission directly from the instructor.

Instructors are not obligated to take extra students into a course; it is their decision. They also cannot waive general prerequisites such as needing 1.0 credits at the 200 level to take a 300 or 400 level course.

Try registering online first. If the message says: “There are no sections available” then the course is full. You must also ensure you have all the course prerequisites. If you feel you have a good enough reason to be granted permission to take the course, you must follow these 3 steps:

Step 1:

Contact the instructor by email and go to the first class.

  • To contact a faculty member:

          First initial Last name @faculty.ocadu.ca (all together)

          (e.g. John Doe = jdoe@faculty.ocadu.ca)

  • Be sure to give the instructor your name, student number, and email address.

Instructors' names are listed on the Course Schedule. If no instructor is listed, you will have to wait until they are confirmed and check the schedule regularly on your own. 

It is important to note: some Sessional Instructors are not checking their email until a couple of weeks before classes begin. Be prepared for the possibility of the Instructor not giving permission and have a back up plan by finding another class to register for. Also, students do drop courses up to classes beginning so keep trying to register through the registration system.

Step 2:

If the instructor gives you permission into the course, they must send an email to Craig Porter, at cporter@ocadu.ca or with your name, student #, email address & course code. 

Requests from instructors must be received by the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences office 24 hours before online registration closes for each semester.  No late requests will be considered.  

If permission is given, the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences will then RESERVE a space for you on the registration system and contact you by email.

If you are not contacted, please come and see someone in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences office (Room 315, 100 McCaul Street ).

Step 3:

IMPORTANT: Once you have been contacted, you must go online and register for the course yourself immediately. Check the Dates and Deadlines, you may need to register in person with the Registrar if it is late in the registration period. 

If you fail to do this, you will not be registered in the course.

You are responsible for registering for all your courses online. Just because you are attending a course, does not mean you are registered in it. Please ensure your name is on the updated class list.

Please be sure to check the Dates & Deadlines for registration deadlines.

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