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Every semester the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a variety of Special Topics courses in each discipline and at most levels. These courses allow us to add variety to the curriculum, take advantage of the special expertise of sessional instructors or new faculty, and try out course topics before adding them to the regular curriculum. All of these courses are the equal of regularly listed courses and fulfill the discipline and level requirements for graduation.

The Special Topics courses being offered for the 2013/2014 fall and winter academic year are:

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENGL 3B90 Special Topic in English: Caribbean Literature 0.5
HUMN 3B92 Special Topic in Humanities: Extraordinary Bodies 0.5
SCTM 2B91 Special Topic in Science/Technology/Mathematics: What is Time? 0.5
SOSC 2B95 Special Topic in Social Science: Economics Principles for Artists and Designers 0.5
VISA 3B96 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Indigenous Cultural Politics: Gender, Art and Activism 0.5
VISA 4B90 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Memory and Monuments 0.5
VISC 3B90 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Visual Narratives 0.5
VISM 4B91 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Anime: Dreams and Machines 0.5
VISM 4B92 Special Topic in Visual Culture: From the Reel to Digital Indigenous Film 0.5

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