Courses: Photography for Communication

Photography for Communication
The focus of this studio is digital photography as it is integrated into the practice of communication design. Students will be introduced to photographic basics: camera function, lens and filter selection, exposure, lighting, basic studio techniques and post-processing/image management in a digital environment. Students will learn to evaluate the effectiveness of images in relation to specific messages. Lectures, demonstrations and a series of assignments will build students skills in camera and image control. Students will require access to a digital or 35 mm camera. Students with credit in GDES-1B19, GDES-3077, GDES-3B84, GRPH-2A05 may not take this course for credit.

Subject: General Design
Departments: Faculty of Design
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Code: GDES-1017
Last Updated: September-12-18 6:14 AM
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