Courses: Think Tank 1: Awareness

Think Tank 1: Awareness
This interdisciplinary course examines the social condition of where and how we live in the context of the Faculty of Designs primary mandate Design and Humanity. The significant impact that intelligent and sustainable design can have on peoples lives and the considerable responsibility that the designer has to society are critical factors in shaping behaviour and turning research and perception into action. Strategies for change are channeled into potential project solutions in this course through the research, discussion and debate of current societal issues. Students with credit in GDES-2B03 may not take this course for credit.

Subject: General Design
Departments: Faculty of Design
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Prerequisites: Prerequisite 1: 3.5 credits overall; Prerequisite 2: 2.5 credits from first year ADVR ENVR GRPH ILLU INDS MAAD GDES; Prerequisite 3: 1.0 credits first-year Liberal Studies from ENGL HUMN SCTM SOSC VISA VISC VISD VISM
Course Code: GDES-2001
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