Courses: The Essay & the Argument

The Essay & the Argument
This course is designed specifically for students who wish to sharpen their writing skills through intensive practice and review of composition mechanics and English grammar. Students will focus on grammar fundamentals, paragraph construction and reading strategies. This workshop allows students to explore aspects of essay composition while developing confidence in their own writing skills through practical exercises.Students who select this course will develop their basic writing skills such as sentence, paragraph and essay structure, punctuation, as well as critical thinking. Students with credit in ENGL-1004, ENGL-1B03, ENGL-1B04, LBST-1A41, LBST-1B11, ENGL-1B05, LBST-1A42, LBST-1B12, LBST-1004, LBST-1A43, LBST-1B13, LBST-1001, LBST-1A40 may not take this course for credit.

Subject: English
Departments: Fac of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Code: ENGL-1003
Last Updated: April-14-22 6:14 AM
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