Courses: Inclusive Art, Design & Commu

Inclusive Art, Design & Commu
This resident seminar and studio will serve to synthesize and explore the interrelationships of inclusive design theory and methods with art, design and communication; how the fields of art, design and communications inform and contribute to inclusive design especially as it relates to the inclusive design of emerging information and communication technology. Students will also examine how traditional art, design and communication notions and theoretical framings either support or undermine inclusion, and will be engaged in proposing inclusive art, design and communication methods by addressing specific 'real world' design challenges. The synthesized findings will be presented in a critical analysis of the intersecting fields, illustrated through a designed 'real world' example of inclusive practice. Students with credit in INCD-6B07 may not take this course for credit.

Subject: Inclusive Design
Departments: Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Course Code: INCD-6007
Last Updated: June-07-17 6:15 AM
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