Courses: Lab 3: Inclusive Design in Con

Lab 3: Inclusive Design in Con
Inclusive design is emerging at the convergence of technical, social, cultural, biological, and activist perspectives. Each is framed by values, ontological frameworks, and metatheoretical contexts that influence how a design is conceptualized, evaluated, or deemed to be "accessible" or "inclusive." Students will both create and review case studies of real world examples to critically examine inclusive design methods and practices in education, culture, civic engagement, health, policy, legislation, financial inclusion and ICT application design and development in addition to "traditional" design disciplines. Case studies will be selected to support student research. Selected examples will become part of an open source repository.

Subject: Inclusive Design
Departments: Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Prerequisites: INCD-6012
Course Code: INCD-6010
Last Updated: June-20-18 6:13 AM
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