Courses: Innovation Research Methods

Innovation Research Methods
This studio-seminar presents a range of research methods and analysis frameworks for understanding social and human phenomena for innovation and social change. Core research techniques draw largely on ethnographic methods, based on observation and in-depth interviews. Learners are highly encouraged to explore more contested, contemporary and/or experimental methods, including action research, participatory design and sense-making techniques. Working as individuals and in teams, students will explore different methods, collect field data, elicit and synthesize insights and analyze and present findings in a studio-learning environment. As research is contextualized with managing innovation and change, the course emphasizes stakeholder management and facilitation. Students with credit in SFIN-6C01 may not take this course for credit.

Subject: Strategic Foresight & Innvtn
Departments: Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Course Code: SFIN-6020
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