Courses: Major Project

Major Project
This is the culminating work of the Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation. It synthesizes the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program and applies them in the development of a major project. Students will develop innovative and anticipatory strategies, solutions and/or implementation plans for defined challenges in the private, public or voluntary sectors. Solutions may take the form of strategic roadmaps, communications programs, products and services, or policy frameworks. The final deliverable will be a concise written document and may include art or design elements such as drawing, photography, maps, models, interactive media or performance. Students will be mentored by a Principal Advisor and critiqued and evaluated by the Principal Advisor plus one additional committee member.

Subject: Strategic Foresight & Innvtn
Departments: Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Prerequisites: SFIN-6015
Course Code: SFIN-6022
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