Courses: Web + Mobile System Design

Web + Mobile System Design
Students study digital architecture and implementation strategies that effectively create cutting-edge mobile and cross-platform solutions, addressing both front end (HTML, CSS, Javascript W3C APIs, jQuery), and server-side (PHP, MySQL, Ajax, security) design. The course provides an overview of the web and mobile landscape and a technical immersion into programing and scripting options, tools, systems, processes, hardware, web apps and apps. Students integrate digital components into open-source solutions through project assignments. Students are guided on the utilisation of API's for services (Google Maps and Twitter), sensors and environments that enable augmented reality, image and speech recognition.

Subject: Digital Futures
Departments: Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Prerequisites: One of: DIGF-6014 DIGF-6016 DIGF-6029 DIGF-6030 DIGF-6037 with a minimum grade of 70
Course Code: DIGF-6039
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