Courses: Lab 2: Prototype Generation

Lab 2: Prototype Generation
Building on Inclusive Design Lab 1, this course will introduce prototyping techniques with consideration for how they can be developed and experienced via visual, aural, and tactile perceptual modes, challenging many oculocentric design practices. Prototypes will be developed with a particular focus on gaining insights through iterative user centered and/or co-design. Thus, many student projects will require interaction with users/actors and communities to test designs for refinement based on findings. Building upon Inclusive Design Lab 1, students will further develop their expertise in employing usability and accessibility evaluation methods that support diversity and inclusion, but in this course the focus will be on evaluating or examining the impact of prototyped design solutions in relation to the problems exposed through interactions with users/actors and communities. Students with credit in INCD-6C01 may not take this course for credit.

Subject: Inclusive Design
Departments: Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Prerequisites: INCD-6009
Course Code: INCD-6012
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