Courses: Major Project Part 2

Major Project Part 2
This is the second and final part of the culminating work of the MDes INCD. Students demonstrate their synthesis of the knowledge and skills developed throughout the program. With the support of a qualified Principal Advisor and any chosen External Advisors (forming the student's Committee) students apply inclusive design theory and practice, and inclusive research methods in an inclusive design topic or challenge of the student's choosing. The Committee provides mentoring and feedback through regular meetings, supports the student in completing the Major Research Project and finally assesses whether the MRP meets the criteria of the program. Students will: Complete documentation of project in line with MRP guidelines. Meet with committee to review feedback and respond to feedback. Verify format criteria with graduate studies. Present MRP in progress to colloquium of peers. Finalize MRP and submit completed copy to Graduate Studies. Students with credit in INCD-6D01 may not take this course for credit.

Subject: Inclusive Design
Departments: Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Prerequisites: INCD-6011
Course Code: INCD-6014
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