Courses: Sp. Tp: Family Camera At Rom 1

Sp. Tp: Family Camera At Rom 1
Family Camera explores the relationship between the ubiquity of vernacular photography and the idea of family. Notions of family have expanded in response to cultural shifts, including same-sex marriage,transnational adoptions, and dislocations due to political instability and war. Personal photos document the changing dynamics of family and the ways we interact and communicate these dislocations. This course is for students with some prototyping experience who wish to explore family narratives as highly diverse, queer and transcultural practices, and learn more about vernacular photography, curatorial practice, and interactive installation. Working with Royal Ontario Museum curators, students will collaborate to undertake related research, and design, build, and display their creative work as part of the ROM's Canada Sesquicentennial exhibitions in 2017.

Subject: Digital Futures
Departments: Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Course Code: DIGF-S5003
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