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The focus of this postgraduate certificate is contemporary practice, theory and expression in First Nations, Métis and Inuit art and design in Canadian and international contexts. This interdisciplinary certificate integrates Aboriginal perspectives into course syllabi and places Aboriginal faculty in the studios and classrooms.

The following courses are required:  
ABVC 2B01 The Story of Us: Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas 0.5
VISA 3B42 Critical Issues & Ideas in Contemporary First Nations Art 0.5
Plus take 4 courses (2.0 credits) from below. At least 3 courses must be taken at 300 or 400 level:
0.5 credit from Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences, one of:
ENGL 3B08 Ways of Telling: Aboriginal Literature & Narrative Tradition (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
HUMN 3B16 From Riel to Nationhood, A History of the Métis (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
VISA 2B32 Canadian Art: The Modern Era 0.5
VISA 3B28 Latin American Art: An Historical Overview 0.5
VISA 3B96 Special Topic in Visual Culture: Aboriginal Cultural Politics: Gender, Art and Activism 0.5
VISA 4B17 Reading Images of Aboriginal People (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
VISA 4B21 Arts and Cultures of Asia and Oceania (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
0.5 credit from Faculty of Art, one of:
Field Study: Bringing Visual Literacy to Aboriginal Communities (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
DRPT 3B24 Rethinking Abstraction from an Aboriginal Perspective 0.5
INTM 3B11 
Media & Social Change (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
Documentation Practices (not offered fall/winter 2012-13) 0.5
Narrative Practices
SCIN 3B13 Introduction to Contemporary Aboriginal Sculptural Practices 0.5
0.5 credit from Faculty of Design, one of:
GDES 3B21 Designing Across Differences: Aboriginal Communities 0.5
GDES 4B10 Kanata, The Village: Sustainability & Survivance in Aboriginal Design 0.5
Plus 0.5 additional credit from any of the above elective course lists
Total Credits


Courses no longer offered that were part of the Postgraduate Certificate:
VISC 2B11 Reclaiming Indigenous Voice And Vision (taken between 2006/07 and 2009/10)
Modern Mexican Art (taken between 2002/03 to 2009/10)

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