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The approach for this Postgraduate Certificate is to create a multidisciplinary, hands-on, community-oriented environment for learning, which will involve a holistic design curriculum delivered by faculty with specific expertise. This course of study will be broad based in its approach, breaking down the boundaries between the more established professional disciplines of architecture, urban, landscape, planning, interior, graphic and industrial design.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability in Design is patterned as a studio-based program offering, with a core of project-based sustainability studios, supplemented by studio/seminar and liberal studies offerings that work together to provide a depth of knowledge in this area. There are additional optional courses that provide alternate threads that integrate to other areas of curriculum, programs and practice that complete the course credit requirements for the Certificate and allow students to pursue more specific areas of interest.


The following two courses are required:  1.0
GDES 3B57 Living Environments: Design Theory (SEM) (formerly Living Environment Design Studio 1)
GDES 3B58 Living Environments: Design Practices (formerly Living Environment Design Studio 2)

Choose two:
0.75 or 1.0
SCTM 3B04 Biological Principles of Sustainability (LST)
INDS 3A03 Design and the Environment: Principles of Production and Consumption (not offered 2012-2013)
GDES 3B12 Socially Responsible Design Practices
VISD 3B46 Sustainable Design Theories and Practices (LST)

Choose three:
1.25 or 1.5
ENVR 3A03 Building Technology & Structure 2 (not offered 2012-2013)
GDES 3B59 Urban Design Ecology (SEM) (formerly Urban Landscape Ecology (SEM))
GDES 3B18 Biomimicry 1: Points of Departure
GDES 3B28 Biomimicry 2: Application
GDES 4B05 Architectural Design Studio 1
GDES 3B47 Habitat Housing Studio
GDES 3B61 Living Environment Design: Internship
GDES 3B60 Sustainable Design & Development
GDES 3B62 Sustainable Business
GDES 3B63 Cities for People/Summer Workshop
GDES 3B64 Greening the OCAD U Campus – Summer Workshop
HUMN 2B28 Nature, Culture and the Environment (LST)
Total 3 or 3.25 or 3.5

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