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The EMDes in Advertising is a part-time, three-year (seven-semester) program with flexible scheduling to allow working professionals to keep their jobs while pursuing an advanced degree. The program has been designed to produce innovative, multi-dimensional, ethical and socially responsible global leaders in advertising. The objectives of the program are:

  • To enable students to develop innovative, holistic approaches to advertising: By advancing their expertise in the responsibilities of an advertising campaign, graduates of the program will be able to develop a sophisticated and comprehensive strategy for the research and analysis of data, the creation and development of the product, and the branding and marketing of the product utilizing the latest technologies and creative media to reach the target audience.
  • To promote the development of multi-dimensional, problem-solving strategies: Graduates who successfully complete the program will be able to analyze, evaluate, and employ a variety of problem-solving strategies in advertising including all aspects of branding and media neutral strategies that solve business problems exclusive of advertising.
  • To enable students to develop an ethical sensibility that promotes socially responsible and culturally sensitive strategies for advertising campaigns in the global marketplace : Graduates who successfully complete the program will be able to formulate socially responsible, non-traditional, innovative creative solutions for product and public service campaigns in the domestic and global marketplace. In addition each team will create a real world public service advertising campaign as part of the Advertising for the Public Good distance-learning course.

The program is comprised of:

  • Three intensive two-week summer sessions in Toronto in three consecutive summers.
  • Six four-day seminars at selected international advertising centres over a two-year period. During the seminars, students meet with and present advertising campaigns to their professors and executives at selected advertising agencies in places such as Montreal, Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles, and London.
  • Two required courses offered as independent studies. Student team members have weekly online contact with each other and meet bi-monthly with instructors via either teleconferencing or videoconferencing to give updates on projects.

Most courses require both individual and group work. Students are organized into teams during the first summer residency; members of each team work together in the first independent study course to prepare advertising campaigns for presentation at the four-day international seminars held during the first year. New teams are formed during the second summer residency for the second independent study course and round of four-day international seminars.


Required Courses and Timeline
Curriculum: 41 credits

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Summer Residency (7 credits)
ADVR 6A01 Strategy I: Strategy and Consumer Insights (2)
ADVR 6A03 Problem Solving Systems I: Agency Approaches (2)
ADVR 6B01 Business Ethics & Sustainability (3)
Summer Residency (8 credits)
ADVR 6A05 Media I: Beyond Traditional Advertising (2)
ADVR 6A02 Strategy II: Integrated Strategic Thinking (2)
ADVR 6A04 Problem Solving Systems II: Client Perspectives (2)
ADVR 6A06 Media II: Embracing Technology (2)
Summer Residency (8 credits)
ADVR 6A07 Analysis of Modern Global Advertising (2)
ADVR 6A08 Communicating with Short Films (2)
ADVR 6A09 Inventive Thinking & New Products (2)
ADVR 6A10 Presenting Like a Master (2)
Independent Study, Project & International Seminars I (9 credits)

ADVR 6D01 Product Brand Development (9)
Independent Study, Project & International Seminars II (9 credits)

ADVR 6D02 Advertising for the Public Good (9)

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