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Faculty of Liberal Studies 

For several years students have been asking for more choice in developing their programs of study.  In 2006, OCAD’s Strategic Plan articulated a process for revitalizing curriculum through an initiative called the New Ecology of Learning.

We are pleased to announce the first phase of The New Ecology of Learning: the introduction of studio and Liberal Studies minors at OCAD, commencing May 1, 2008. This will enable students to pursue a secondary field of study without compromising their major field. Declared minors will appear on your transcript along with your major.

Minors will consist of 3.0 to 5.0 credits in disciplines such as Communication Design, Material Art and Design, Printmaking, Drawing and Painting, Art History, and Digital & Media Studies, just to name a few. Although you will be able to use some electives, some expansion studios, and some Liberal Studies distribution requirements toward the minor, we estimate it will take students an extra 1.0 to 3.0 credits to complete all the courses required for a major plus a minor. (See Policy for Minors for full details).

Please Note:  OCAD students planning to apply to BEd programs at the intermediate/senior level will require a second teachable to augment their first teachable in Visual Arts.  Minors include enough courses to fulfill most requirements for a second teachable.  However, the number of courses required for a second teachable varies from institution to institution and you are advised to check with the institutions before applying to their BEd programs.

So why bother with a minor?

  • Adding a secondary field of study to your program provides you with multidisciplinary breadth without compromising disciplinary depth.
  • Many employers are looking for graduates with multidisciplinary backgrounds.
  • Students considering graduate school will find a minor of benefit.

Minor Declaration Form

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

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