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For a list of courses offered in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, please visit Course Listings.

Through the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, OCAD U offers programs that afford students the opportunity to choose a path that crosses disciplinary boundaries and integrates leading-edge approaches with traditional art and design disciplines. There are currently two primary program areas within the School, each combining curriculum drawn from each of the Faculties of Art, Design, and Liberal Arts & Sciences:

The Digital Futures Program

Launched in 2007 through a transformative investment by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Digital Futures supports students to become entrepreneurial and research leaders in the rapidly evolving field of digital media, technology, and communication. Drawing on faculty from across the University and augmented by a Chair and additional faculty members, the DFI involves collaborations with a broad range of Canadian and international private and public sector partners.

Digital Futures offers students learning and research opportunities in digital art, media and design, and information and communications technology, informed by various issues including sustainability, healthcare, accessibility, diversity, and global innovation and business development. 

  • A graduate diploma program and Master’s in Digital Futures, leading to the MFA, MDes, or MA, commenced in September 2011.
  • An undergraduate major in Digital Futures was launched in September 2012.
  • There are three DFI minors open to students majoring in any studio program:

                   Minor in Digital Media
                   Minor in On-Screen Media
                   Minor in Wearable Technology

The Indigenous Visual Culture Program (INVC)

The first initiative of its kind in Canada, the Indigenous Visual Culture Program combines degree programming with community outreach, research and economic development. The program focuses on historical context and creative explorations of contemporary First Nations, Métis and Inuit artists, designers and cultural thinkers. The program offers practice-based study across the professional spectrum, including art-making, media production, design, architecture conservation, exhibition design, gallery management, and critical and curatorial scholarship.

Students in this program have the opportunity to join national and international networks dedicated to Indigenous cultures. All courses are open to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike and as such the program conveys the historic and contemporary creative voices of Canada’s founding peoples to a wide audience.

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