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A postgraduate certificate in Communication Design provides an introduction to visual communication and is only offered to students who have graduated from the Illustration and Advertising Programs. The emphasis on visual form and typography gives students strong skills in the crafting of clear visual and verbal communication.

Note: Students in this postgraduate certificate are included in the Laptop Program, and are required to pay the associated Laptop Program fees for software and support.


GDES 1B09  Communication Design 1  
Illustration students must complete ILLU 2B03 Graphic Design for Illustrators before commencing the Communication Design postgraduate certificate.  
Advertising students must take the GRPH Core Studio selection (GRPH 2B09 and GRPH 3B18 listed below to complete this postgraduate certificate.  
Two core courses required:  1.0
ADVR 2B01 Advertising Concept 1
and ADVR 2B08 Advertising Concept 2  
GRPH 2B09 Graphic Design 2
and GRPH 3B18 Graphic Design 3

Three typography courses required: 1.5
GRPH 2B06 Typography 2: Structures  
GRPH 2B10 Typography 3: Advanced Structures  
GRPH 3B21 Advanced Typography  
Choose one of the following: 0.5
GDES 3B02 Editorial & Publication Design 1
GDES 3B32 Kinetic Typography & Animated Communication
GDES 3B03 Typeface Design 1
VISD 2B36 History and Evolution of Typography (LST)
VISM 2B41 Media, Messages and the Cultural Landscape: Introduction to Communication (LST)  

Total 3.0

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